My tips on choosing the right carpet cleaner for your need


Just as people take care of themselves they should give attention on carpets to extend their lives. They have to pamper the carpets through regular maintenance and cleaning. They can make use of professional carpet cleaning services to get this job done. If they are on a rigid budget, they can consider getting a handy carpet cleaning machine. They can either rent or buy a cleaning machine but they are advised to use their own machine. There are different carpet types as well as carpet cleaning machines. Let us see how to choose the best carpet cleaner for your need. People have to weigh the pros and cons of different cleaners to choose the right one for their need. Online stores can let people compare the features and prices of several models with product description. When choosing the carpet cleaning machine people have to consider several things and also they have to read top 10 reviews on how to choose best carpet cleaner.

Types of carpet cleaner

There are four basic types of carpet cleaners available in the market. They are as follows

  • Home carpet cleaners are compact and small that anyone can use it without the help of a professional cleaner. This type of cleaners is designed for homes with limited spaces. These are perfect to be used in small homes. Home carpet cleaners are convenient to use and easily available whenever required.
  • Commercial carpet cleaners is best for busy and large spaces such as schools, restaurants, offices, hotels and hospitals that require deeper cleaning for carpets. Even though the price of these machines is higher than residential counterparts, they are durable as well as deliver quality cleaning. This type of machine can clean the tougher grime and dirt that need more effort to remove it from the carpet.
  • Industrial carpet cleaners are similar to commercial cleaning machines. They are very durable and wipe out stubborn mud and dirt easily with less effort. They are few steps tougher and more durable than commercial cleaners. They are used in cleaning carpets that are highly exposed to large sized particles.
  • Little green carpet cleaners are reliable cleaning machines that obtain good raves from majority of the users. This machine is intended for carpets as well as car interiors. It is an eco friendly machine that uses recycled plastic materials.

Then, below are some important things they need to consider. They are frequency of the cleaning, the weight and size of the machine and the amount of dust or dirt that can be removed. Buyers should not forget to consider the warranty of the machine as it the value for their money. They may ask why they should consider the warranty. They need to have attractive warranty coverage as the carpet cleaner is like other home appliances that are used more often. The machine will wear down on continuous usage. This is why buyers are suggested to choose a machine with attractive years of warranty. This is one of the best ways of protecting their investment on this house appliance. It is very important to make it your best investment.

Useful features everyone should find in the carpet cleaner

There are several features in different carpet cleaning machines helping users in making the cleaning process effective and speed. These features can increase the price of the machine. So, it is really worth thinking about the features that you really need. Here are some of the useful features attracting the users.

  • Auto mix feature in some carpet cleaners automatically mix the detergent and water. This saves the time of users.
  • Crevice tool is used in cleaning the tight corners and narrow spaces more easily.
  • Dry vacuuming is a feature of cleaners with multi functionality to pick up the debris and dust before washing.
  • Detergent spray in the cleaner is used in pre-treating the tough stains prior to its washing.
  • Handheld brush is used for cleaning upholstery, stairs and carpeted surfaces.
  • Water tank heater feature is used in increasing the effectiveness of carpet washing by maintaining the warm state of water.
  • Turbo tool is a rotating brush that can be easily handled by users. This feature help users in deep cleaning the areas they cannot easily reach with the major floor head.

While you are looking for the best carpet cleaner you have to look for these most useful features in your carpet cleaning machine. Every buyer has to compare different models and types of cleaners with these features so that they can get a machine right for their requirement as well as budget.

How to filter the choices


People can have a list of carpet cleaners they found useful and effective. They can narrow down their choices by considering certain important factors. Here are the useful tips for new buyers to narrow down their choices and choose the right cleaner.

  • Size matters while making the carpet cleaning machine choice. Large sized machines will have powerful motors so that they can do the job at a high speed. For small jobs it is better to choose a compact cleaner that weighs low. People who need a machine to do different cleaning tasks can consider using full sized cleaners.
  • Read the pros and cons of the machines in the list of choices. Compare the pros and cons of different machines to find the one that offers you the features you required most.
  • Check out the warranty of the carpet cleaners at the website of the manufacturer. They can also watch tutorials or read manuals on how to use the machine. If they find useful and easy to use the machine, they can make it their buying choice.
  • Focus on the features of carpet cleaning machines. Look for some important features such as separate water tanks for cleaning solution and water.
  • Next buyers have to choose the model of a company that has a certification from authorized organizations. This ensures the company's products have liability insurance and certified technicians. Buyers can get a detailed estimate, suggestion and references from others who have used carpet cleaners.


  • DilanK


    Great tips Elvis), personally I use Hoover Power Scrub for cleaning my house, works pretty good

    • Elvis Pakota


      great cleaner, for the price), but i use more powerful bissell big green, it works amazing

  • Grey


    Your first tip you mention is very important if you want to keep your carpet clean. When there is a spill, it usually isn’t much of a big deal to clean it up right away. As things sit however, it will dry out and be near impossible to clean later on.

  • miranda


    My suggestion. Rinsing your carpets is really important. By filling your tank with water and doing the same process again, you’ll find that a lot of suds will be extracted and collected in the dirty water tank. This will give you cleaner, and less sticky results.

  • xzibit


    im actually trying to find some carpet right now and i liked your advice about carpet tiles and how they can easily be replaced.

    • Elvis Pakota


      you are welcome)

  • Chelsey


    its been 2 years since i started using my bissell little green, and i want to say it is amazing tool, it helped me so much!

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